IVBN: Association of Institutional Property Investors in The Netherlands

Mission is to promote the investment climate for real estate in the Netherlands

To do so, we aim at:
•    furthering professionalism, transparency, integrity and innovation;
•    promoting common interest of our members;
•    stimulating proper functioning Dutch real estate market;
•    being the interlocutor for local, regional and national authorities and supervising authorities
•    stimulating preservation, making sustainable and the re-use of the existing real estate stock
•    emphasizing the social significance of investing in real estate

The members of IVBN ar real estate asset managers, working predominantly for pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and for real estate funds and companies (which may or may not be listed). IVBN’s members jointly represent around €50 billion investment in Dutch property and about the same amount outside of the Netherlands. They invest in housing, offices, retail and industrial objects and other property, including car parks. In the Dutch housing market they rent out 135.000 rental dwellings, of which just the majority is rented out in the free rental market. The institutional investors are the primary lessor of commercial property in the Netherlands.

Membership of IVBN is open to real estate asset managers and larger (institutional) property investors,  with a substantial (>€ 100 million) direct and/or indirect property portfolio. The membership is open to investors from outside of the Netherlands, if they have a Dutch office. The Articles of Association and Internal Regulations can be found on the IVBN website. The association works with an admission procedure. New members must sign the IVBN Code of Ethics. This code of ethics governs careful and ethical dealings in the property investment sector. Part of this general code of ethics is that IVBN members also uphold an internal code of ethics for their directors and employees which governs what is considered to be good behaviour in the property sector. IVBN has drawn up a model for use by its members. The text of the IVBN Code of Ethics and the IVBN Model Internal Code of ethics can be found on the IVBN website.
IVBN organisation 
The Board of IVBN (consisting of people who work in the property investment sector on a daily basis) actively guides the association. In carrying out its activities, IVBN has at its disposal a small, decisive and professional team. Several work groups assist this branch association, with specialists recruited from amongst its members. The composition of the board, the list of members, the working groups and the bureau can be found on the IVBN website.