IVBN’s activities:

Dutch housing market:

  • Reform the Dutch housing market: toward an increase of the middle segment (as a part of the unregulated rental market)
  • Build more free rental market dwellings by promoting investments in the Dutch housing market
  • Adjust governmental rental policies in the regulated rental sector; e.g. on annual rent increase; the Dutch ‘point system’; make rents more market-oriented in the regulated sector; add regular income testing in social housing; prevent ‘living askew’; easening of regulation on selling off social housing to professional lessors and towards a professional way of assessing the market value (in rent) of social housing 
  • Eliminate the annual lessor tax for institutional investors in the regulated sector
  • To prevent various, prominent municipalities of installing 'an emergency handle' and / or their own set of rules and regulations on the rental market

Dutch office market:

  • Promoting the restructuring of office areas with high vacancies; diminishing building of new office space in inferior locations
  • Promote the ESG policy on environmentally sustainable estate

Dutch retail market:

  • With all parties concerned; investing and restructuring lively shopping areas; policies regarding peripheral shopping sites; internet purchasing and multi channel;
  • Review of Dutch law on protection lessee in retail

All property markets:

  • Consultation by Dutch Central Bank and by Authority Financial Markets on better valuations for commercial real estate and promoting more transparency
  • Strengthening role institutional investors in the Dutch economy  

Furthering professionalism:

  • Promoting integrity in the reals estate sector together with other professional branch organizations and the Dutch national government and other governmental bodies
  • Furthering transparency in commercial real estate buying or selling